Embossing Pad Kit

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This Embossing Pad Kit can be used with any steel dies or plastic stencils to create an embossed impression into your project! Double your crafting capabilities by turning all your dies and stencils into embossing plates with TE's Embossing Pad Kit.


This embossing pad kit includes a set of two silicone rubber mats in two different thicknesses. Use the thinner mat for the lightest embossed impression or layer both together for the deepest impression. Embossing pads can be used to impress (and not cut!) a thin steel die or a plastic stencil into cardstock. Use by layering one or both mats in a standard die cut machine set to emboss. Refer to your machine's reference guide to find the correct embossing "sandwich." For best results, face the cutting surface of the die away from the embossing pad.

Includes two 5" by 7" silicone rubber embossing mats.